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Keeping the light of emotions in the finest jewellery – this is the purpose of Gold Genesis.

The main lever to start this whole deal, was taking care of women’s image and creating such accessories that would give them enough self-confidence. Choosing the jewellery that perfectly fits one’s personality type is the first step to start believing and beginning to work on a reverie that each woman has.

The Gold Genesis’ jewellery is a way to express the most tender feelings, capturing the precious life events in a high value metal. Buying our jewellery is also a good investment. We use pure gold in our items, so acquiring it, is one of the most advantageous assets. It can make you look wealthier and would always give a special status in a group or even in your own mind.

Here at our enterprise, we’re sure that gold items are ideal for highlighting a woman’s beauty and her good sense of taste. They become the symbol of wealth, prosperity, love and strength.

One of our main purposes is to decorate the life of a woman with such details that are able to turn every day into a holiday. And the mission to achieve this scope is the one that leads us to be more professional in what we’re doing now. Promoting the happiness, the belief in oneself and making women want to follow their dreams via the Gold Genesis jewellery, are the key elements to continue this affair.

Wearing endowed jewellery, keeping the faith in yourself and living your dream, this is the vision which we promote. Just this kind of accessories could bring an unique sense of style, which gives the ability to highlight a woman’s individuality.

The jewellery that we propound is minimalistic and practical, but at the same time, there are exemplaries that look luxurious and can satisfy the need of the most sophisticated customers.

We are always trying to unite the classic and fashion trends, so true emotions, happy smiles and the memories of our clients could shape our inspiration.


Be unique. Be authentic. Be yourself with Gold Genesis.