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The queen of gems, and the gem of Queens

Greetings! This is Marie from Gold Genesis here , let’s talk about pearls today.

There is no gift being greater or even more meaningful than a pearl pendant. Admirable and valuable! Before you start  shopping, I love to introduce you to the pearl world. As you may know pearls are the most popular gems, however, there is  a major difference between pearls and other well-known gems as they have organic origins, they form within various  species of freshwater and saltwater molluscs.

The ideal pearl is perfectly round and smooth but many other shapes, known as baroque pearls, may occur.

We only offer  you the finest quality of natural saltwater pearls which are highly valued, and it is the object of beauty for many centuries – something rare and fine!

If we talk about freshwater and saltwater pearls, they may sometimes look quite similar but do originate from different  sources. Freshwater pearls form in various species of freshwater mussels which live in lakes, rivers, and other bodies of fresh  water. The freshwater cultured pearls most sold today come from China, also in some other areas where they are protected  under law. The Saltwater pearls grow within pearl oysters living in oceans, and they usually are cultivated in protected  lagoons or volcanic atolls. The three most common types of saltwater pearls are cultured Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, and  the South Sea pearls – we got them all offered for you!


Join getting to know a few facts about pearls which you may have not heard of before!

1. Pearls are the only gemstone coming from a living organism.

The pearl composition is the mineral calcite or calcium carbonate and layers of nacre. This organic material is created by an  oyster’s mantle.


2.Today, most pearls are cultured. Farm-made pearls come with an implanted irritant within the oyster mimicking the  natural formation of it.


3.The oldest pearl necklace ever discovered was found in the sarcophagus of an ancient Persian princess. In 1901,  archaeologists uncovered what is believed to be the oldest pearl necklace in Susa, an ancient city in Iran. Buried inside the  precious stone-encrusted sarcophagus was the skeleton of a woman adorned with gold ornaments and the pearl necklace.  The necklace was incredibly deteriorated with only 238 out of the estimated original 500 pearls, some of which crumbled  away once being touched.


4.The World’s most famous pear ‘Le Peregrina’.

Le Peregrina (engl. “the incomparable”) is a pear-shaped pearl with the size of a small egg. It is often referred as one of the  world’s most famous and historical pearls, not only due to its unique shape and size. The history of this gem spans nearly  550 years. This jewel has been in the hands of different royal families including Queen Mary and Napoleon Bonaparte. More  recently, the pearl has been given as a Valentine’s Day Gift to the fames British-American actress Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor  then to re-design the necklace resetting it with rubies, diamonds, and additional pearls. In 2011, the necklace was sold for a  whopping $11 million at a Christie’s auction in New York.


5.Julius Caesar created a law that allowed only aristocrats to wear pearls.

In ancient Roman times, pearls were believed to be a symbol of wealth and prestige. Back then, possessing pearls was seen  as a social status symbol. This explains why in 1BC the famous Roman ruler Julius Caesar created a law that prohibited  wearing the fine jewels to anyone below the ruling class.


6.Some of the world’s most influential women were huge fans of pearl.

First Ladies such as Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy regularly adorned themselves with lavish pearl jewellery. In England, Princess Diana was known to have been a huge fan of pearls. Finally, Coco Chanel  was a pioneer of fashion and contributed towards making pearls popular as everyday jewellery.


I hope I could pique your interest in pearls. You may check out my previous article and find out how to take care of the  pearl’s necklaces. Without further ado, let’s go to the goodies, here you can find the pearl necklace of your dreams!!!!

Marie GG