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How to choose the right jewellery based on your personality

Hello, dears!
Choosing the best jewellery that fits my needs, might be a problem sometimes. I always think of the entire outfit, the hairstyle, the colors. But there are days when I buy some jewellery based only on my mood.
You know, the choice of jewellery reflects not only our taste, but also the personality type given by nature.
There are 4 types of temperament: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic. Let’s find out which type of jewellery can be chosen by everyone of them.

The right jewellery based on the temperament

The choleric’s mood, usually, dramatically changes, it is defined by passion, fast movements and speech. So, the choleric’s stones are diamonds, sapphires, tourmalines and emeralds.
The principle by what a choleric is choosing the jewellery, is “luxurious simplicity”. The wore jewellery both contain luxury details, in the earrings, for example, and together with that, the image will be completed with just a simple necklace.
The sanguine is defined by curiosity, optimism and sociability. This person has a lively balanced character and an active lifestyle, which is mostly set on the jewellery choose. The stones for this type are also diamonds and tourmalines, as for the choleric one, but also, the pink pearls, which give them some kind of belief in themselves. As the sanguine loves to be in the center of attention, wearing a ring with diamond will be the best choice, so to be noticed by everyone in the group.
The phlegmatic person has calmness, perseverance and scrupulousness as the key qualities. The base stones, beside diamonds, are garnet, amethyst and white pearls. Usually, this type chooses just some minimal jewellery for the outfit, but they are perfectly combined between them. So, this type of person will never wear all the jewellery from the jewellery box, just to get attention from others. Combining a ring with a necklace, or the earrings with a bracelet would the most preferred choice. So, these combinations will surely give the phlegmatic some appreciations from everyone.
The melancholic person is the most concentrated on the own experiences and romantic one. This type is vulnerable, sublime and daydreaming.
The stones that fit this kind of personality are also diamonds, but adding some spinel, zircon and golden pearls.
Even if this might be surprising, the melancholic persons love rich colored stones, but the jewellery type itself must be delicate.

Choosing the jewellery based on the character

Wearing a jewellery, the most of the time, gives other an impression of which type of person are you, which character you have, and even the mood you are in right now!
So that’s why I’m always paying big attention to what jewellery I wear: the stones, type, colors and so on.
For example, people who are really passionate about their work and career, mostly like the geometric jewellery. A flirty and entertained person will wear massive and shiny jewellery.
Pearls are mostly liked by the lovers of traditions, classic style and femininity.
Designer jewellery is preferred by those who like unique pieces. Also, this type of persons, and those who are creative, love handmade jewellery.
Romantic and sentimental natures love vintage jewellery, while people who know what they want from their lives, choose personalized accessories.
Optimistic and sociable persons like plastic and sport-style jewellery the most.
As you can see, different types of characters still match the types of personality known in the present. So, knowing your type, you could find the best option for you in terms of jewellery.
I always like to pay attention to these details, because they’re those which define not only my personality, but also my mood. Once you look at choosing the right accessory from this point of view, it will be much easier to create your perfect look.