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A longer life to your jewellery

Good day, my ladies!
Jewellery’s my passion and the one struggle I have with it, is just how to retain its original shine and beauty.
Sometimes it can be really a problem, taking in consideration that there are pendants, rings, bracelets or earrings with some stones on them and made of different metals.
So, in order for you to not have such problems, I’ll try to present in this post how to properly maintain your jewellery.

General rules for jewellery caring

Even if you hardly try to maintain your accessories bright as when you just got them, there comes the time when they start to lose their initial state. The main rules to not admit that, are to just wear them carefully, store accordingly and give properly care to them.
Knowing which type of jewellery you have, let’s say, it’s a gold necklace with some stones in it, gives you a big understanding on how to take care of it.
Ideally, the jewellery needs to be cleared everyday using a microfiber, for example. But usually, as we all have a lack of time, it’s not possible to do this activity as often as we’d like to.
So, to solve this problem, another advices come in mind. The most important things you could take in consideration for this purpose, is to not expose the jewellery to sunlight, moisture or chemical products.
Although, if the jewellery hasn’t been cleaned for a longer period, soak it for 10-15 minutes in a solution of water and dishwashing detergent. After that, clean them very carefully with a soft brush and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Jewellery caring based on its material

Firstly, let’s talk about gold jewellery, as it’s the most common type. The basic cleaning of it consists on that water-dishwashing detergent. Just pay attention to the fact, that gold is not friendly with chlorides. So, in order to dissolve greasy stains and add extra shine to the gold, add a few drops of ammonia.
Silver is a really soft metal which is “afraid” even of the slightest mechanical stress. The basic action you could take now regarding maintaining your silver jewellery as if it’s new, take it off every time you do some physical work.
As silver also does not like sulfur and its compounds, which, by the way, are found in small quantities in air and human sweat, such jewellery must be cleaned ways more often than the gold ones.
Taking care of jewellery with precious stones is as important as of made from precious metals ones. So, diamonds can be cleaned using a soft brush dipped in soapy water. Rubies and sapphires can be cleaned using some water with any type of gentle detergent.
Just a moment to remember about these stones, is that they are very sensible to the sunlight.
Emeralds, as silver, are softly and their maintaining should be as gentle as possible. For this scope, I use very soft brushes or microfiber and a very mild soap solution.
Topaz is quite easy to maintain, just one important note, is that they need to be rinsed with distilled water after being cleaned.
Pearls are one of my preferred stones. They look both cute and rich. So these stones don’t like moisture. It’s also not recommended to wet them too much, and after cleaning, they must be dried at room temperature.
If you want to restore the pearl’s shine, wash it in a mild soapy solution, rinse thoroughly in clean water and let them dry.

How to properly store jewellery?

As I already mentioned in the beginning, one of the important rules of how to take care of jewellery, is to correctly store it. For some types or metals jewellery is made of, storing is as important as cleaning.
Firstly, you should remember that all of the items you have, must be placed separately from each other in a box upholstered with soft cloth. Some of the products might be also placed in a small soft cloth bag to avoid contact with the other ones.
After you made some order in your jewellery box, you should also take care of it. So, put it in a place away from heat sources, as high temperatures can badly affect the jewellery, even if it’s in the box and may be in some special bags.
Paying attention to these short rules and following them, will give a longer life to your jewellery, so every time you’ll wear them, they’ll add a beautiful accent to your outfit.

Marie from Gold Genesis