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Types of jewellery every woman should own

Greetings! This is Marie from Gold Genesis and let’s talk today about types of jewellery.
First of all, you should know that the final image is always created by details. They can litteraly transform the image, and so, that’s why we love jewellery so much! You also understand my passion for it, don’t you?
Although, you know, it doesn’t matter how good or bad the day was, it always becomes a good one in the end, every time I wear a nice and fashionable jewellery which makes me confident in myself. The greatest quality every jewellery has, is that it can complete any image – a cocktail dress, an everyday outfit or even a tracksuit! For example, luxurious necklaces and earrings with some stones are the best to pick for a festive outfit. But the most compact ones are the best for an everyday look.
Do you know how many types of jewellery exist now on the market? There’s really plenty of them and we can discuss there about how we can wear and combine the ones we like the most.
I’m going to say you about everyday and festive jewellery.

Everyday and festive jewellery

As our entire look consists of details, it is especially important to choose the right image for the everyday wearing. So, the main things you should pay attention to when choosing your everyday jewellery, are the comfort and reliability.
For example, as the most of the time such jewellery I don’t take off for the night, it can be very easy to forget that I’m wearing them! That’s why these two qualities are the most important ones.
One of the best everyday jewellery are small earrings with English or pin clasp. This is the most reliable clasp for this purpose. Also, stud earrings are a really good pick. They add both confidence and grace to the whole image. And isn’t it the main thing we’re all searching for when choosing the right jewellery?
But, beside everyday life, we also have some festive one. It’s obvious that I mostly love the last option. Choosing the entire outfit, along with the most beautiful jewellery for a festive night is the best time spending for me.
In this case, the pearls are those that complete the entire look. So, for a big and bright holiday – big and bright jewellery! It’s so easy, huh? For a festive night, the earrings are one of the main characters of the outfit. So, there’s an unprecedented idea to get some waterfall, chandelier or pins earrings.
Rhinestone inlaid earrings are also a good fit, so they are easy to find and to combine with different types of dresses.
But mainly, you should pay attention to which jewellery you choose, based on the occasion you’re going to and on the entire outfit: colors, materials and hairstyle.

Thematic jewellery

Usually, thematic jewellery is used for creating a special look, which brightly differs from the others one. It’s a great idea to try such combinations, when going to a themed party.
Such types of jewellery emphasize the best the person’s individuality and also they add some mystery and zest to the overall outfit.

Transformer jewellery

This type of jewellery is just the best, because it offers the possibility to change the entire look in no time!
My favorite type of such jewellery is the necklace-earrings. They really look like the golden time of the luxury Hollywood!
Also, triple type jewellery is a good pick, which usually consists of a watch, broche and pendant.

How to combine the jewellery?

When choosing between some of the jewellery, I always follow some simple rules. That’s needed so the overall outfit looks both simple and attractive.
So, the most important rules are:

• don’t use too much jewellery in one outfit;
• correctly combine the clothes and jewellery. Pay attention to colors;
• follow just one outfit style;
• pay attention to jewellery’s material;
• Consider the occasion.

I really like jewellery, how they look, how they can be combined between them and with different outfit, so that’s why sometimes, it takes me really more time to choose the ones that fits my look best!